$5,000 up for grabs every week!

August 5th – 25th

Armor up and be a warrior at the table. Play, place and win Tournaments to earn points, climb the Challenge ranks and claim your share of the $5,000 Leaderboard loot each week.

PlacePrizesTotal Paid
11th - 20th$50$500
21st - 30th$35$350
31st - 50th$25$500
51st - 75th$15$375
76th - 100th$10$250

Points Earned:

Play a tournament = 1 point

Place in the money = 5 points

Place in the Top 20 = 10 points

Plus, WIN a specially marked Comp Boost Tournament to add 20 points (Warrior Boost) to your tally!

Leaderboard Boost Points are also earned completing a 7 day in a row challenge. See the Leaderboard Boosts section for full details.

Each Leaderboard Challenge runs Monday 00:00 ET to Sunday 23:59 ET.

Weekly prizes are paid out in Tournament Money, playable in Tournaments and Sit & Go's.

What kind of “Warrior” are you?


Amassing Leaderboard points is not only key to a bigger Leaderboard prize, but your points total will reveal what Level “Warrior” you are, and decides two other important benefits:

  1. Unlocks your entry to the end of promotion Freerolls and determines which level/s you qualify for (see Freeroll section).
  2. Determines the Points Boost you qualify for in the upcoming week's Leaderboard (see Leaderboard Boosts section).

Play smart to achieve one of three Warrior Levels – Hunter, Warrior, or Sorcerer - each brings a swag of unique skills and strengths to the table for the battle ahead!


Achieve Hunter, Warrior or Sorcerer level in any week to qualify for the corresponding Freeroll, on Sunday, September 1st at 2pm ET.

  • 10 points to become Hunter - $10,000 Freeroll
  • 50 points to become Warrior - $5,000 Freeroll
  • 100 points to become Sorcerer - $5,000 Freeroll

If you reach a number of different “Warrior” levels throughout the promotion, you qualify for the Freeroll of the highest level achieved, plus (if applicable) the levels below it.

Example: Player reaches Sorcerer level in any week, they qualify for all 3 Freerolls.

So, how you perform in each of the three weekly Leaderboards ultimately decides how much of the $20,000 Freeroll cash you can win!

Note: Each Freeroll has a 2-hour time limit, with a “cash proportional to chips” payout structure.


Fight your way to the top with these hacks!

Don't just settle for the slow and steady road to racking up Leaderboard Points. Make light work of rising through the ranks with these shortcuts, plus top up your Tournament Money on us!

7 Day BoostComp Points BoostComp Points Freerolls

Play at least one tournament 7 days in a row, to start the following week's Leaderboard with a points boost equal to the level below the one you achieved.

Example: if you finish the week as a Warrior (50 point minimum), you start the upcoming Leaderboard with 10 points, the minimum points needed to achieve Hunter level.

These “Boost Points” will be credited within 24 hours of the new Leaderboard starting.

Specially marked tables, known as “Warrior Boosts” will give you extra points for playing in them.

No prizes are awarded, but the winner receives 20 Leaderboard points.

Buy-in is 5,000 Comp Points (VIP Points).

1 Hour Time-limited Tournaments.

Minimum 2 players are required for the tournament to start.

On daily at 1pm and 7pm ET.

Enter daily Comp Point (VIP Points) Freerolls, which award players with Tournament Money.

These serve as an exchange method for Comp Points (VIP Points) to register for specially marked tournaments under the FREEROLLS tab.

In total there will be $5,000 worth of Freerolls each week to participate in.