Boost Poker + Bad Beat Jackpot=Woot Woot!

Real money Boost cash tables now have a Boost Bad Beat Jackpot that can be won at any tick of the clock!


Along with the popular action-packed Boost "fast fold" format to challenge your game, we’ve added the "Bad Beat" element. If your Four of a Kind Deuces or better gets cracked by a higher ranking hand, you and all others playing at Boost Bad Beat Jackpot tables will share in the Jackpot prize money!

Bad Beat Payouts:

Winner of Bad Beat (Losing Hand) 40%

Winner of the Hand 20%

Players at the table where the BBJ was triggered: 15%

Players playing on bad beat boost tables: 10%

Reseed value: 15%

No fee is taken by the house, and every cent goes back to YOU, our players!


As a progressive prize pool with a progressive prize pool with 2c from every $1 pot (max. 10c per pot) contributed to the Jackpot total, it’s anybody’s guess how big it can grow before it hits.


The Bad Beat Jackpot possibility is the double-edged sword that may have you second guessing your urge to "fast fold" and get out of Dodge and into a new hand.

The rub is if you’re not live in a hand when the Jackpot pops, you’ll be left out in the cold without a share of the Jackpot prize money.

So think quickly, and whichever way you choose to act…fingers crossed you land on a winning hand!